We offer affordable tutoring to groups of 2-4 students by high achieving and experienced tutors at a location that suits you.

Group tutoring is conducive to learning, stimulating both interest and engagement with the content. There is the opportunity to get both one-on-one assistance and to work with friends. Group tutoring allows students to bounce ideas off their peers, and gives students an exposure to new or different methods of teaching.


Student, Parent and Tutor Testimonials

For tutoring it was really good how the sessions were really flexible - especially with the day/time and what we covered in the sessions. They were really helpful and flexible as well - if I had a test we could focus on that - and I felt like I got a lot out of the sessions each time
— Emma Bougher, Student
Being able to contribute to the TLG Tutoring Centre not only confirmed my interest in tutoring, but it has also allowed me to do my little share to help bridge the education gap. I have had the chance to take on students for Human Biology and Chemistry, and through those I have gathered many fond memories so far. They range from bonding with my student over our common obsession in finding out more about the mechanisms of the human body, to providing them with moral support prior for upcoming tests and exams. In addition to making a difference in the life of my student, I know I am doing my share to make a difference to the children in rural WA who are educationally disadvantaged. I can honestly say that I am delighted to be able to take part in the TLG Tutoring Centre, and I am also honoured to.
— RuoLin Qin, Tutor
I was tutoring a girl in year 10 who was anxious to get into Maths Methods for year 11 and 12; but she was struggling to achieve the marks she needed. Her next test was on trigonometry, so we worked really hard on making sure she knew every concept and related them to things that she knew well. I encouraged her to have a go at teaching every concept to me so she could prove to both of us that she would be prepared for anything. On her next test she achieved 95%, which not only brought her average up, but really improved her confidence in her ability and encouraged her to keep working hard.
— Izzy Cole, Tutor
One of my students found Maths Methods very challenging, finding it difficult to grasp and apply some of the more tricky concepts. Through one-on-one tuition that I tailored to his learning style, he has been able to really focus on the aspects of Methods he finds most challenging and improve his confidence in applying these concepts in problem solving style questions. Now, he is excelling even the most challenging concepts; his marks have improved and he recently expressed that he can’t believe he has been able to improve his performance so significantly! He scored higher in his methods test than his maths applications test! It has been so rewarding to see his performance and confidence evolve.
— Nisali Gamage, Tutor
I was tutoring a year 12 student in Maths Methods, and they were having difficulty understanding some of the calculus topics, particularly differentiation. They had skimmed over the section of the textbook that explained what differentiation was without really understanding it, and as a result they were struggling with understanding what the differentiation formula meant. I took them back over the explanation of differentiation, explaining each step and drawing diagrams to show the process. Once they understood what the derivative really was, and what problem it was answering, the formula clicked, and they could answer the questions just fine. They called it a “mind blown” moment, and asked if I could explain other concepts just like that. I believe it’s so important to understand where ideas in maths come from rather than simply memorising formulas. I try to make sure all of my students understand where each formula comes from, which makes it much more interesting and easy to remember.
— Matthew Eton, Tutor