Our library based Digication program offers one-on-one and group sessions with a tutor who has expertise in a wide range of technical skills.

We aim to improve the digital literacy of our community by offering tailored education to improve basic computer, digital, media and technology skills.


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Cyber safety


Online Banking

Video Calling

Social Media


Online Shopping

Cloud Computing


…and more!


Library & Attendee Testimonials

It is all new to me, I find the more I listen, the more I learn and the more I know, the more I can do – it’s the digital age. I can now use my iPad to take photographs of the grandkids and pay bills online easily – I am slowly getting better on my iPhone too!
— Martha Woo, Subiaco Library patron
They help with such a wide range of issues those most at risk of isolation due to inability to use technology have. All people who attend are complimentary of the tutors we’ve had and all book follow up sessions. The group sessions are well attended and provide an opportunity for a wide range of ages and skills sets. This is a great programme we would struggle to provide without your experts.
— Kirsten, Subiaco Library Officer
The tutors and managers at TLG have provided an excellent quality of service in delivering sessions as on a huge range of topics. The patience and understanding nature of the tutors has ensured that patrons come back time and time again with all manner of technical queries. The TLG team is always willing to assist and has taken great care to listen to the attendees of the Digication program and pass on feedback that has informed the programing of topics this financial year. This attentiveness has ensured a well-rounded program that caters to a range of people’s needs and digital literacy levels.
— Lauren, Subiaco Library Officer